How to do dropshipping with Ali Shipping?

First of all, subscribe and upload products you are interested in to your store from Ali Shipping.

When a customer place an order on your online store, like Amazon, or other channels, and you receive the money to your payment gateway account.

Then, the order will be automatically grabbed to your Ali Shipping account, note that, if you don’t choose to connect your Amazon store with Ali Shipping, the order won’t be accessed by Ali Shipping and you need to place an order for your customer manually in Ali Shipping instead, for connecting store,please check article Connect your shops with Ali Shipping >How to connect my shop with Ali Shipping?

After you get the order on your Ali Shipping account , you should buy an item from the supplier through Ali Shipping, on receiving your order, supplier will directly ship the products to your customer!

Your profit will be the difference between the amount your customer paid to you and that you paid to the product supplier.

Dropshipping means you don’t have to stock the products yourself, you are simply a liaison between the customers and suppliers through Ali Shipping.

1.Sign Up Today And Try Ali Shipping For Free.

To become a dropshipper, please go to Ali Shipping and click on the blue “sign up” button on the top right corner of homepage to register a new Ali Shipping account. After successful verification, you will get a starter membership which is free forever !

2.Connect Ali Shipping With Your Store.

Note that, in order that Ali Shipping access your customers’ orders automatically, you have to connect your online store to Ali Shipping first.

3.Subscribe products.

With Ali Shipping, you can import and sell products from China-based Ali Shipping supply marketplace. Simply go to the “Store” page, once you find an interesting item, subscribe and export it, and finally import on your online store.

4.Pay for order

When you receive an order, pay for the product on Ali Shipping ,after that ,there is nothing else you need to do,we will ship it directly to your customer, you can track the order on the order detail page .