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Google added new details about how to reference or link a specific 3D model to a specific product using product structured data. The new code samples are in the Google product structured data documentation.

The 3D model. Here is a screenshot of the code sample from the structured data documentation:

Multiple images. The reason Google added this is because sometimes Google was unable to know which image the 3D model is referencing, especially when you have multiple images on the same product page.

Google wrote, “Sometimes 3D models appear on pages with multiple products and are not clearly connected with any of them. This markup lets site owners link a 3D model to a specific product.”

Why we care. If you have been using 3D models and AR images on your product pages, you may want to review this new code sample to ensure that you are linking your 3D models to the correct product images on your website.

Google has been showing 3D images for a while now in Google Search.

Best Fast Dropshipping Service & Business India

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