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Advertisers attempting to export reports from Google Ads Report Editor are experiencing issues where the data is showing zeros instead of the actual numbers. Google is aware of the issue and is working on a fix to resolve it, but there is not estimated time for a fix at this time.

What is the issue. Greg Kohler, aka PPCGreg posted a screenshot of a sample report export filled with blank data and/or zeros. Here is that screenshot:

Zeros Google Ads Report

There are numerous reports on social media and in the various advertiser forums of complaints about this issue.

Google response. Google’s AdsLiaison, Ginny Marvin, responded saying, “The team is aware. I don’t have a timeline to share but they’re investigating this.”

Here are some of those responses:

Why we care. If you are trying to do some reporting, reporting for clients or for yourself, you may be out of luck when using Google Ads Report Editor. For now, use the main Google Ads interface to view and export your data. Also, the Google Ads API may also be functioning properly.

So if you need the data now, stay away from the Google Ads Report Editor and use other reporting views. Or wait until Google fixes the issues with the Google Ads Report Editor. We will update this story when it is resolved.

Best Fast Dropshipping Service & Business India

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