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Google announced a Merchant Center processing update designed to help brands offer customers more precise estimated delivery times.

Starting April 9, Google will leverage the minimum and maximum attributes for processing time within your product data for both Shopping ads and free listings.

Why we care. The timing of deliveries plays a crucial role in a consumer’s decision-making process when making a purchase. By offering more precise delivery times, you can enhance trust and confidence in your brand. This increased reliability may, in turn, contribute to higher conversion rates.

Next steps. If you include processing time details directly in your product data, it’s essential to review your shipping attributes for accuracy. Make sure to update them by April 9 to ensure that the displayed estimated delivery times for your products are correct. This will contribute to an accurate representation of your delivery timelines for potential customers.

First spotted. The Merchant Center processing update was first flagged by Senior Performance Marketing Manager and SMX Next speaker, Thomas Eccel. He shared a screenshot of an email he received from Google announcing the update on X:

Commenting on the update, Eccel told Search Engine Land:

  • “I think this update is good as it improves the shopping experience for customers by providing them with more accurate information about how long it will take for their orders to be processed before shipping.”
  • “Additionally, for advertisers and merchants, it could be beneficial to set the right expectation of delivery time.”

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Best Fast Dropshipping Service & Business India

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