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Instagram started testing two new features for brands and content creators:

  • Backdrop: An AI background editing tool for Stories.
  • Get Orders: In-steam ordering for feed posts and Stories.

Backdrop explained. This new feature can automatically identify a main focus or let you choose one manually. It then removes the background, and you can use the Backdrop feature to pick a new background from a carousel of options or create one by inputting a prompt, such as “National Park” ad demonstrated in the screenshot below:

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When you share the Story, the prompt becomes a sticker that others can then use.

Getting started. Associate Director of Influencer Innovation at Mavrck, Lindsey Gamble, shared a screenshot on Threads to show where the new Backdrop feature is located within Instagram. Under the sticker menu, it appears in between “Add Yours” and “Add Yours Templates”:

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In-stream ordering. The ‘Get Orders’ sticker, which was first flagged on Threads by Co-Founder of Satiné Ahmed Ghanem, enables content creators and brands to create a product, link it to their story, and receive orders directly. This presents a potential avenue to drive orders through Instagram content without the necessity of setting up an Instagram Shop.

Ghanem shared a screenshot of the Get Orders sticker below:

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Why we care. With the Backdrop feature, marketers can try out different backgrounds until they find the perfect one for their ads. Meanwhile, the ‘Get Orders’ feature is a simple and free way to increase sales.

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Best Fast Dropshipping Service & Business India

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