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Microsoft announced a new feature to simplify cross-border advertising for retailers.

The tech giant’s latest tool, Feed Labels, is set to launch in mid-March and is anticipated to be fully rolled outl by the end of the month.

What are Feed Labels? With Feed Labels, you can organize products from different feeds by using common traits like language or product category. For example, if you sell products in the UK, France, and Germany, you can create a label for all three feeds. This label helps you run ads showing products from all these feeds to potential customers in those markets through a targeted shopping campaign.

Microsoft Feed Labels

How it works. You can create a shopping campaign that targets the feed label, and your ads will show products from all three feeds to potential customers in those markets. When choosing a feed label, you control which feeds from the designated Merchant Center store will be featured in your campaign. Alternatively, you have the option to showcase all products within a single campaign.

Microsoft Feed Lavels Shopping Settings

Why we care. Feed Labels will make life easier for advertisers managing campaigns in multiple countries. This tool reduces the workload, allowing advertisers to allocate their time to other important campaign tasks and priorities.

What Microsoft is saying. Addressing confusion between Feed labels and custom labels, Microsoft said in a statement:

  • “Feed labels are different from custom labels, which are used to subdivide products within a single feed based on your own criteria.”
  • “Custom labels are useful for creating granular bid strategies and reporting within a campaign, while feed labels are useful for creating broad targeting strategies across multiple feeds and campaigns.”
  • “For customers who feel more comfortable using country/region of sale, we’ll continue supporting this option for both product feeds and shopping campaigns.”

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Deep dive. Read Microsoft’s announcement in full for more information.

Best Fast Dropshipping Service & Business India

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