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Reddit announced a new ad format known as “free-form ads,” which closely resembles the appearance and style of user-shared posts on the platform.

This new ad format allows advertisers to interact with users in a manner similar to regular posts, with the objective of maximizing engagement.

Why we care. Free-form ads have the potential for brands to efficiently deliver a wide range of information to readers in an engaging manner, which could enhance conversion rates. However, ads that resemble user-shared posts may irritate users seeking genuine user-generated content rather than advertisements.

How they work. Free-form ads allow advertisers to share in-depth information with Reddit by combining multiple media types with the help of ready-made template, including:

Reddit’s new ad format is inspired by the popular Megathread post type, which serves as a hub for discussions on trending topics. Similar to Megathreads, free-form ads aim to quickly deliver information to readers. This format could be advantageous for advertisers looking to launch products or introduce their brand to a new audience.

Sponsored label. Like other ads on Reddit, users can distinguish free-form ads from regular posts by the presence of a “Promoted” label displayed next to the company’s name on the post, as you can see in the graphic below:

Reddit Ads

Accessibility. Free-form ads are now available to all advertisers on Reddit globally via the Reddit Ads Manager.

What Reddit is saying. Jim Squires, EVP of Business Marketing and Growth at Reddit, said in a statement:

  • “Free-form ads give advertisers the flexibility to build an ad of any length, using multiple media types, with a look and feel that’s native to the platform.”
  • “This format encourages a mix of content, context and creativity from brands, while driving strong performance and brand awareness.”
  • “Free-form ads are unique to Reddit and its one-of-a-kind communities. As we continue to invest in our ads product roadmap, it’s important to draw from what people love most about Reddit and create opportunities for businesses to be a part of that.”

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Deep dive. Read Reddit’s announcement in full for more information.

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